Drum, Bass & Soultero, 1998, Side B (46 Mins.)

SIDE B: Made this Mixtape back in the ’90s when I was into Drum & Bass and Jungle. The recording was done straight to analog cassette, using only vinyl and no effects, other than mixer and turntable techniques. I used a lot of different records to create this mix, such as House accapellas, sound effects records and weird parts of different vinyls that aren’t Drum & Bass or Jungle related songs.

Funny thing, I didn’t know many people that were into it, except for one co-worker who hosted a Techno and Drum & Bass show over at Kings Borough College on WKRB 90.3, every Thursday night from 10pm-2am. I did a few guest spots, I even managed to do a couple underground Rave parties, before things started to getting shut down in Brooklyn.

The Mixtape was produced in a home grown studio of “Too Poor Motherf#¢kers Productions”, which was managed by me (deejaysoul) and DJ Loco (Gregory Antione).

FUN FACT: I use to go by the name “DJ Soultero” till I change it to “deejaysoul” in ’99.

Drum, Bass & Soultero, 1998, Side B by Deejaysoul on Mixcloud

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I’ll be DJing & donating limited edition photos at the BX-Arts Factory 12×12 Fundraiser Parte Two

I will have limited edition prints for sale at the BX-Art Factory 12×12 Fundraiser this Saturday May 16th, 5pm-10pm at the Bronx Art Space, 305 E140th St, Bronx NY. There’s four photos, which will include 3 smaller bonus prints. There will various types of work for sale by other artists as well.

Don’t be shy, come out and meet the artists too.

It’s a free and open event, light refreshments will be served.
Music will be served up by me aka deejaysoul on the One & Twos

#art #fundraiser #Bronx #12×12 #isupportbxaf #bxartsfactory


Close up of set “A”, Afrika Bambaataaa bam

Close up of set “B”, Jazzy Jay b jazzy

Close up of set “C”, Grandmaster Flash c flash

Close up of set “D”, Jazzy Jay, Grandmaster Flash & Afrika Bambaataa d group

Click here to RSVP about this special event,

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Strictly Underground Rave New Years Eve 1994 – Hardcore Rave Old Skool Video

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Generation Of Sound – Early 90s Rave Documentary

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03/28/2015- DEEJAYSOUL “ORCHORD MIX”, LIVE at the New York Botanical Garden “Orchid Evenings” (3 Hours)

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02/14/15- Deejaysoul Live, Valentine’s Day at the New York Botanical Garden, Bronx NY (1 Hour & 41 Mins.)

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02/12/15, deejaysoul Live @ BX-Arts Factory Launch Party, Bronx Museum of the Arts (1 Hour & 17 Mins.)

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11/27/2010, deejaysoul, Live at DTFradio, Tech-House Mix (2 Hours & 2 Mins.)

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12/06/14, deejaysoul Live- Deep “Lazy Ones” Lounge Mix, Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen, Bronx NY (4 Hours & 20 mins.)


Mixed and Recorded Live at Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen, during the opening night of Pepper Negron’s photo exhibit of “The Lazy Ones”.
49 Tracks of Deep & Soulful House Music

12/06/14, deejaysoul Live- Deep “Lazy Ones” Lounge Mix by Deejaysoul on Mixcloud

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DJing this Weekend (12/06/14) @ Pepper Negron’s Photo Exhibit of “THE LAZY ONES” at Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen

Pepper Negron's The Lazy OnesThis Saturday, I’ll be DJing for an exclusive showing of Pepper Negron‘s Photo Exhibit of “THE LAZY ONES” at Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen. Come meet the artist and a few of the models.
#models #bronx #housemusic

Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen
112 Lincoln Ave, Bronx, NY 10454



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Why Limit Yourself as a DJ?

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::UPDATED:: I’m returning to “BAMcafe Live” with a few DJ guest spots! ::UPDATED::

So excited for this been invited to guest DJ at BAMcafe Live in Brooklyn.

Here are the  three four dates thus far to add to your calendar,

::CANCELLED:: 09/19/14- 09/20/14 Live at BAMcafe “deejaysoul”, Opening for “SOURCE360” ::CANCELLED::

09/26/14- Live at BAMcafe “deejaysoul”, Opening for “Sonnymoon”

::CANCELLED:: 10/04/14- Live at BAMcafe “deejaysoul”, Opening for “Fred Ho Memorial” ::CANCELLED::

10/18/14- Live at BAMcafe “deejaysoul”, Opening for “Kinobe & The Wamu Spirit”

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Pioneer DDJ-SZ Serato DJ Controller

As nice as this controller looks and Im sure performs, its overpriced. For $2000 you can pick up another controller with a laptop.

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Soundtrack Of Your Life: Get Into The Groove Of Tracking Your Every Move In Vinyl

Source: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1672727/soundtrack-of-your-life-get-into-the-groove-of-tracking-your-every-move-in-vinyl#1

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06/30/13- deejaysoul, Live at Barrio47, New York, NY- Tropical Mix (4 Hours & 36 Mins.)

Live at Barrio 47


1. Treasure Everywhere, Lars Bartkuhn

2. Care Free: Melchyor A’shmida Remix, Barbara Tucker Pres. Su’Su Bobien

3. Can’t Live Without Your Groove: Soulful Classic Mix, Sergio D’angelo Feat. Andrea Love

4. Yerbatero (Tarantella & Redanka), Juanes

5. Amaro Shavo: Jeremiah Remix, Dela Dap

6. Solta Futura: Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Remix, Solo Moderna

7. Mexer: Sabo Remix, Gregor Salto feat. Thais

8. Sonidera Popa: Shazalakazoo Remix, The Binary Cumbia Orchestra

9. La Zanaida, Kid Gusto

10. El Ritmo: DJ Sabo Remix, J. Boogie feat. Deuce Eclipse & Caipo of Bang Data

11. Get Back: Jake Twell Edit, Jera

12. EL Bumper: AZ Gunslingaz, Pickster & Melo

13. Sum Sigh Say: Heartbreak vs. Sabo Edit, House of Gypsies

14. Loca People (Sak Noel), Mr. Pauer

15. Caribbean Power, Bomba Estereo

16. Block Rockin’ Beats, The Chemical Brothers

17. Getaway: Top Gear Mix, Hiroshi Yamashita

18. Runaway: Nuyorican Soul Mix, Nuyorican Soul Feat. India

19. Rock With You: Frankie Knuckles Remix, Michael Jackson

20. Couldn’t Love You More: Mr Jools Edit, Sade

21. Let It Rain: Original Mix, Mustafa Feat. Flexie Muiso

22. Apologize: Quentin Harris Remix, Luther Vandross

23. Brand New Day: Dance Ritual Mix, Little Louie Vega Feat. Blaze

24. Love Like This: PolyRhythm Deep Voyage Mix, Mangesto Feat. Ashya Roberts

25. Canoa, Dj Gregory & Gregor Salto

26. The Cure and the Cause: Dennis Ferrer Mix, Fish Go Deep Feat. Tracey K

27. Gbagada Gbagada Gbogodo Gbogodo: Louie Vega EOL Remix, Luisito Quintero

28. Gipsy Women: Dim’s Special Re-Touch, Montefiori Cocktail

29. Toma: Davidson Ospina Anthem Mix, Davidson Ospina

30. Sueños Blancos: Meme’s Super Club Mix, Pies Descalzos

31. Las Escondidas: Captain Planet Remix, Raul Y Mexia

32. 212: Nappy G’s 718 Percodelic Mix, Azealia Banks

33. Ai Mi Morena: Brown Candy Remix, Mo´Horizons

34. Music For Gong Gong, Louie Vega Pres. Luisito Quintero

35. Sabor Tropical: Sabo Remix. Empresarios

36. Los Tarantos: Sujinho Remix, Nickodemus

37. Thursday Night, Kinda Swing feat. Baba Duru

38. Dem People Go: DF’s Kicked Out Mix, Dennis Ferrer Feat. Bola Belo

39. Come to Me: Ricanstruction Vocal Mix, Myra

40. Love Inside: Afro Lounge Dub, Alton Miller

41. I Can’t Believe I Loved Her: Calypso Mix, Peven Everett

42. The Rhythm, The Kings Dub

43. Superman, Black Coffee

44. Release: Scott Wozniak Remix, Afro Celt Sound System Feat. Sinead O’Connor

45. La Mezcla: Original Mix, Michel Cleis

46. La Mezcla: Jose Marquez Re-Mezcla, Toto La Momposina

47. Elegua: Jose Marquez Remix, Celia Cruz

48. Mi Gente: Louie Vega Quintero Plena Remix, Little Louie Vega

49. Camisa Negra: Cratebug Remix, Juanes

50. Batucada Maneira: Ennio Styles Edit Mix, Grupo Batuque

51. Give It Up: 2011 Edit, The Goodmen

52. Chiuso: Chocolate Puma Remix, Nouveau Yorican

53. Rumba Magica: Original Mix, DJ Chus & David Herrero

54. Spock’s DeeeLite, Sabo

55. Pass That Dutch: Count Effectz Moombahton Bootleg, Missy Elliott Feat. Fatman Scoop

56. Clap Your Hands, Melo & Pickster & Sabo

57. Sume Sign Sey (Remixes): Maw Remix, House of Gypsies

58. Vission of Gnarls, Gnarls Barkley

59. Seven Nation Army: Unreleased Deep Dish Edit, The White Stripes

60. Sexy Back: Ross.Fm Remix, Justin Timberlake

61. You Used To Hold Me ’08: Ralphi’s ’08 Re-Edit, Ralphi Rosario Feat. Xavieria Gold

62. Soul Makossa: Original Long Version, Manu Dibango

63. You Can’t Hide (Your Love from Me), David Joseph

64. Music Sounds Better with You: 12” Mix, Stardust

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05/25/13- deejaysoul, Live on DTFRadio, Soulful & Tech House Mix (1 Hour & 57 Mins.)

Track Listing:
1. More than a Woman: Maw Main Mix, Aaliyah
2. One Desire: Hedeo Kobayashi Remix, Barbara Tucker & Tuccillo
3. Under Control: Shelter Mix, K.C.Y.C.
4. You Are Wonderful: DCW Mix, Kt Brooks & Libby Jones
5. Remember, Osunlade
6. You: Dj Spinna Mix, Soul Station
7. I Go Deep: Main Mix, DJ Funky Chocolate Pres. Yass
8. Optimus Town: Original Mix, Astin
9. Bad Dream: Original Mix, Cubic State
10. Stars Of Life, Glenn Micsoul
11. How Deep, Helder Teixeira
12. How Deep: HT s Spiritual Dub, Helder Teixeira
13. Dub In Chicago: Rhythm & Soul Remix, Marcos In Dub
14. Days Like This: Spinna and Ticklah Club Mix, Shaun Escoffery
15. Feel The House: Original Mix, David Abarca & Juanito
16. Time Bomb: Original Mix, Francesco De Argentis & Smaller
17. Brooklyn: Original Mix, Groovebox
18. Oma Sola: Superjunk Remix, Haze-M & Enfants Malins
19. Jack Tha Box: Original Mix, Whyt Noyz
20. To The Club: Original Mix, Juan Diaz & Andrea Gori
21. Follow Me: Original Mix, Agent Boogie
22. Call The Virus Busters: Alex Roque Remix, Alan Fraze
23. Like A Wirsing: Hanne & Lore Remix, Andhim
24. Face De Bouc: D’julz Remix, Andrade
25. Minimal Life: Filthy Rich Remix, Chris Lake & Nelski
26. One Is One: Original Mix, Cristian Moxt
27. Sun Rising Up: Filthy Rich & Grant Nalder Remix, Deux
28. Fucking Good: Blacktron Remix, DJ Fist & Lucas Reyes
29. The Sound: Jay Lumen Sacred Sounds Remix, 227
30. Play Cool The Old School: Original Mix, Jay Lumen
31. Street Knowledge: Belocca Mainground Dub Mix, Zoltan Kontes
32. Huggy Hood: Original Mix, Oliver Moldan
33. Mood Is Good: Original Mix, Superjunk
34. Jesus Is Big: Original Mix, Luca Bisori
35. Say What: Original Mix, John Acquaviva & Simon Doty
36. All the Love: Club Vocal Mix, Sugar Caine Feat. Laura Hawthorne

For booking or more info, deejaysoul@yahoo.com

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What’s in your bag?

Another look into one of my other dj bags. My most used setup, it has everything I need in all-in-one system. I can literally be ready to play in less than 5 minutes, as long I have the space to place the controller, which is about the size of the average turntable.


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Vote for me for PDN’s “Emerging Photographers”

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 11.15.36 AM


Hi everybody, I rarely did this, but I’m asking for votes for an online photo contest. Go to the provided link, search for “Ignacio Soltero” or click on any of the five links to see each entry. And vote on your favorite photo shot by me.

Thank you in advance!









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