I’m DJing at “BX200 VIRTUAL ARTIST STUDIOS @ TUFF CITY STYLES”, Bronx, NY- Tomorrow (08/15/15)

Check here for the event info, https://www.facebook.com/events/1626391600954265/

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Drum, Bass & Soultero, 1998, Side B (46 Mins.)

SIDE B: Made this Mixtape back in the ’90s when I was into Drum & Bass and Jungle. The recording was done straight to analog cassette, using only vinyl and no effects, other than mixer and turntable techniques. I used a lot of different records to create this mix, such as House accapellas, sound effects records and weird parts of different vinyls that aren’t Drum & Bass or Jungle related songs.

Funny thing, I didn’t know many people that were into it, except for one co-worker who hosted a Techno and Drum & Bass show over at Kings Borough College on WKRB 90.3, every Thursday night from 10pm-2am. I did a few guest spots, I even managed to do a couple underground Rave parties, before things started to getting shut down in Brooklyn.

The Mixtape was produced in a home grown studio of “Too Poor Motherf#¢kers Productions”, which was managed by me (deejaysoul) and DJ Loco (Gregory Antione).

FUN FACT: I use to go by the name “DJ Soultero” till I change it to “deejaysoul” in ’99.

Drum, Bass & Soultero, 1998, Side B by Deejaysoul on Mixcloud

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I’ll be DJing & donating limited edition photos at the BX-Arts Factory 12×12 Fundraiser Parte Two

I will have limited edition prints for sale at the BX-Art Factory 12×12 Fundraiser this Saturday May 16th, 5pm-10pm at the Bronx Art Space, 305 E140th St, Bronx NY. There’s four photos, which will include 3 smaller bonus prints. There will various types of work for sale by other artists as well.

Don’t be shy, come out and meet the artists too.

It’s a free and open event, light refreshments will be served.
Music will be served up by me aka deejaysoul on the One & Twos

#art #fundraiser #Bronx #12×12 #isupportbxaf #bxartsfactory


Close up of set “A”, Afrika Bambaataaa bam

Close up of set “B”, Jazzy Jay b jazzy

Close up of set “C”, Grandmaster Flash c flash

Close up of set “D”, Jazzy Jay, Grandmaster Flash & Afrika Bambaataa d group

Click here to RSVP about this special event,

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Strictly Underground Rave New Years Eve 1994 – Hardcore Rave Old Skool Video

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Generation Of Sound – Early 90s Rave Documentary

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03/28/2015- DEEJAYSOUL “ORCHORD MIX”, LIVE at the New York Botanical Garden “Orchid Evenings” (3 Hours)

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02/14/15- Deejaysoul Live, Valentine’s Day at the New York Botanical Garden, Bronx NY (1 Hour & 41 Mins.)

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02/12/15, deejaysoul Live @ BX-Arts Factory Launch Party, Bronx Museum of the Arts (1 Hour & 17 Mins.)

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11/27/2010, deejaysoul, Live at DTFradio, Tech-House Mix (2 Hours & 2 Mins.)

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12/06/14, deejaysoul Live- Deep “Lazy Ones” Lounge Mix, Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen, Bronx NY (4 Hours & 20 mins.)


Mixed and Recorded Live at Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen, during the opening night of Pepper Negron’s photo exhibit of “The Lazy Ones”.
49 Tracks of Deep & Soulful House Music

12/06/14, deejaysoul Live- Deep “Lazy Ones” Lounge Mix by Deejaysoul on Mixcloud

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DJing this Weekend (12/06/14) @ Pepper Negron’s Photo Exhibit of “THE LAZY ONES” at Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen

Pepper Negron's The Lazy OnesThis Saturday, I’ll be DJing for an exclusive showing of Pepper Negron‘s Photo Exhibit of “THE LAZY ONES” at Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen. Come meet the artist and a few of the models.
#models #bronx #housemusic

Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen
112 Lincoln Ave, Bronx, NY 10454



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Why Limit Yourself as a DJ?

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::UPDATED:: I’m returning to “BAMcafe Live” with a few DJ guest spots! ::UPDATED::

So excited for this been invited to guest DJ at BAMcafe Live in Brooklyn.

Here are the  three four dates thus far to add to your calendar,

::CANCELLED:: 09/19/14- 09/20/14 Live at BAMcafe “deejaysoul”, Opening for “SOURCE360” ::CANCELLED::

09/26/14- Live at BAMcafe “deejaysoul”, Opening for “Sonnymoon”

::CANCELLED:: 10/04/14- Live at BAMcafe “deejaysoul”, Opening for “Fred Ho Memorial” ::CANCELLED::

10/18/14- Live at BAMcafe “deejaysoul”, Opening for “Kinobe & The Wamu Spirit”

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Pioneer DDJ-SZ Serato DJ Controller

As nice as this controller looks and Im sure performs, its overpriced. For $2000 you can pick up another controller with a laptop.

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Soundtrack Of Your Life: Get Into The Groove Of Tracking Your Every Move In Vinyl

Source: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1672727/soundtrack-of-your-life-get-into-the-groove-of-tracking-your-every-move-in-vinyl#1

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06/30/13- deejaysoul, Live at Barrio47, New York, NY- Tropical Mix (4 Hours & 36 Mins.)

Live at Barrio 47


1. Treasure Everywhere, Lars Bartkuhn

2. Care Free: Melchyor A’shmida Remix, Barbara Tucker Pres. Su’Su Bobien

3. Can’t Live Without Your Groove: Soulful Classic Mix, Sergio D’angelo Feat. Andrea Love

4. Yerbatero (Tarantella & Redanka), Juanes

5. Amaro Shavo: Jeremiah Remix, Dela Dap

6. Solta Futura: Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Remix, Solo Moderna

7. Mexer: Sabo Remix, Gregor Salto feat. Thais

8. Sonidera Popa: Shazalakazoo Remix, The Binary Cumbia Orchestra

9. La Zanaida, Kid Gusto

10. El Ritmo: DJ Sabo Remix, J. Boogie feat. Deuce Eclipse & Caipo of Bang Data

11. Get Back: Jake Twell Edit, Jera

12. EL Bumper: AZ Gunslingaz, Pickster & Melo

13. Sum Sigh Say: Heartbreak vs. Sabo Edit, House of Gypsies

14. Loca People (Sak Noel), Mr. Pauer

15. Caribbean Power, Bomba Estereo

16. Block Rockin’ Beats, The Chemical Brothers

17. Getaway: Top Gear Mix, Hiroshi Yamashita

18. Runaway: Nuyorican Soul Mix, Nuyorican Soul Feat. India

19. Rock With You: Frankie Knuckles Remix, Michael Jackson

20. Couldn’t Love You More: Mr Jools Edit, Sade

21. Let It Rain: Original Mix, Mustafa Feat. Flexie Muiso

22. Apologize: Quentin Harris Remix, Luther Vandross

23. Brand New Day: Dance Ritual Mix, Little Louie Vega Feat. Blaze

24. Love Like This: PolyRhythm Deep Voyage Mix, Mangesto Feat. Ashya Roberts

25. Canoa, Dj Gregory & Gregor Salto

26. The Cure and the Cause: Dennis Ferrer Mix, Fish Go Deep Feat. Tracey K

27. Gbagada Gbagada Gbogodo Gbogodo: Louie Vega EOL Remix, Luisito Quintero

28. Gipsy Women: Dim’s Special Re-Touch, Montefiori Cocktail

29. Toma: Davidson Ospina Anthem Mix, Davidson Ospina

30. Sueños Blancos: Meme’s Super Club Mix, Pies Descalzos

31. Las Escondidas: Captain Planet Remix, Raul Y Mexia

32. 212: Nappy G’s 718 Percodelic Mix, Azealia Banks

33. Ai Mi Morena: Brown Candy Remix, Mo´Horizons

34. Music For Gong Gong, Louie Vega Pres. Luisito Quintero

35. Sabor Tropical: Sabo Remix. Empresarios

36. Los Tarantos: Sujinho Remix, Nickodemus

37. Thursday Night, Kinda Swing feat. Baba Duru

38. Dem People Go: DF’s Kicked Out Mix, Dennis Ferrer Feat. Bola Belo

39. Come to Me: Ricanstruction Vocal Mix, Myra

40. Love Inside: Afro Lounge Dub, Alton Miller

41. I Can’t Believe I Loved Her: Calypso Mix, Peven Everett

42. The Rhythm, The Kings Dub

43. Superman, Black Coffee

44. Release: Scott Wozniak Remix, Afro Celt Sound System Feat. Sinead O’Connor

45. La Mezcla: Original Mix, Michel Cleis

46. La Mezcla: Jose Marquez Re-Mezcla, Toto La Momposina

47. Elegua: Jose Marquez Remix, Celia Cruz

48. Mi Gente: Louie Vega Quintero Plena Remix, Little Louie Vega

49. Camisa Negra: Cratebug Remix, Juanes

50. Batucada Maneira: Ennio Styles Edit Mix, Grupo Batuque

51. Give It Up: 2011 Edit, The Goodmen

52. Chiuso: Chocolate Puma Remix, Nouveau Yorican

53. Rumba Magica: Original Mix, DJ Chus & David Herrero

54. Spock’s DeeeLite, Sabo

55. Pass That Dutch: Count Effectz Moombahton Bootleg, Missy Elliott Feat. Fatman Scoop

56. Clap Your Hands, Melo & Pickster & Sabo

57. Sume Sign Sey (Remixes): Maw Remix, House of Gypsies

58. Vission of Gnarls, Gnarls Barkley

59. Seven Nation Army: Unreleased Deep Dish Edit, The White Stripes

60. Sexy Back: Ross.Fm Remix, Justin Timberlake

61. You Used To Hold Me ’08: Ralphi’s ’08 Re-Edit, Ralphi Rosario Feat. Xavieria Gold

62. Soul Makossa: Original Long Version, Manu Dibango

63. You Can’t Hide (Your Love from Me), David Joseph

64. Music Sounds Better with You: 12” Mix, Stardust

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05/25/13- deejaysoul, Live on DTFRadio, Soulful & Tech House Mix (1 Hour & 57 Mins.)

Track Listing:
1. More than a Woman: Maw Main Mix, Aaliyah
2. One Desire: Hedeo Kobayashi Remix, Barbara Tucker & Tuccillo
3. Under Control: Shelter Mix, K.C.Y.C.
4. You Are Wonderful: DCW Mix, Kt Brooks & Libby Jones
5. Remember, Osunlade
6. You: Dj Spinna Mix, Soul Station
7. I Go Deep: Main Mix, DJ Funky Chocolate Pres. Yass
8. Optimus Town: Original Mix, Astin
9. Bad Dream: Original Mix, Cubic State
10. Stars Of Life, Glenn Micsoul
11. How Deep, Helder Teixeira
12. How Deep: HT s Spiritual Dub, Helder Teixeira
13. Dub In Chicago: Rhythm & Soul Remix, Marcos In Dub
14. Days Like This: Spinna and Ticklah Club Mix, Shaun Escoffery
15. Feel The House: Original Mix, David Abarca & Juanito
16. Time Bomb: Original Mix, Francesco De Argentis & Smaller
17. Brooklyn: Original Mix, Groovebox
18. Oma Sola: Superjunk Remix, Haze-M & Enfants Malins
19. Jack Tha Box: Original Mix, Whyt Noyz
20. To The Club: Original Mix, Juan Diaz & Andrea Gori
21. Follow Me: Original Mix, Agent Boogie
22. Call The Virus Busters: Alex Roque Remix, Alan Fraze
23. Like A Wirsing: Hanne & Lore Remix, Andhim
24. Face De Bouc: D’julz Remix, Andrade
25. Minimal Life: Filthy Rich Remix, Chris Lake & Nelski
26. One Is One: Original Mix, Cristian Moxt
27. Sun Rising Up: Filthy Rich & Grant Nalder Remix, Deux
28. Fucking Good: Blacktron Remix, DJ Fist & Lucas Reyes
29. The Sound: Jay Lumen Sacred Sounds Remix, 227
30. Play Cool The Old School: Original Mix, Jay Lumen
31. Street Knowledge: Belocca Mainground Dub Mix, Zoltan Kontes
32. Huggy Hood: Original Mix, Oliver Moldan
33. Mood Is Good: Original Mix, Superjunk
34. Jesus Is Big: Original Mix, Luca Bisori
35. Say What: Original Mix, John Acquaviva & Simon Doty
36. All the Love: Club Vocal Mix, Sugar Caine Feat. Laura Hawthorne

For booking or more info, deejaysoul@yahoo.com

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What’s in your bag?

Another look into one of my other dj bags. My most used setup, it has everything I need in all-in-one system. I can literally be ready to play in less than 5 minutes, as long I have the space to place the controller, which is about the size of the average turntable.


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