deejaysoul- 04/09/11, Live on DTFRadio, Soulful & Deep House Mix





1. A 7 Hour Track: Original Mix- Fiso Da Costa feat. GFunk & Mapeps
2. Homage: Original Mix- John Plays Special
3. Let Go: Main Instrumental Mix- Arnold Jarvis, Yass & Tony Loreto
4. Let Go: Main Mix- Arnold Jarvis, Yass & Tony Loreto
5. Verma’s Bass- Mick Verma
6. Waiting For You: Armand Pena’s Piano Dub- Armand Pena
7. C’est La Vie: Scott Wozniak Instrumental- Kim English
8. You Are The One: King Britt’s Sylk City Vocal Mix- Winx
9. Never Saw You Coming: Franck Roger Instrumen- Black Coffee Feat. Tsepo
10. Babalu Aye Y Yemaya: Instrumental Mix- Lou Gorbea & Chris Perez Feat. Nina
11. Babalu Aye Y Yemaya: Lou2Chris Mix- Lou Gorbea & Chris Perez Feat. Nina
12. Find A Way: Main Mix- Maurice Joshua Feat. J.V.
13. Musica: Stripped Mix- 4 Da People
14. Marvin’s Song: Berny Remix- D.O.O.P.
15. Deep Not Deep: Mark Di Meo Mix- Spiritual Blessings Feat. Jay Rags
16. Sweetest Kind: Undercover Dub- Undercover Agency Feat. Trust
17. Hurry: Blue Six Dub- Catherine Russell
18. All 4U: Original Mix- 123XYZ
19. Broken Chords: Original Mix- Nikola Gala
20. The Carrot: Original Mix- Donato Bilancia
21. Dance With Me: Re-Mastered Mix- Todd Terry
22. Fire- DJ Dealer
23. In My Mind: Soul Avenue Mix- Marco Soundee & Maggie Smile
24. Mandrill: Original Mix- Lovebirds
25. The Plan: Andreas Saag’s It’s Our Future Perspective- Andy Compton
26. Rainy Things: Jimpster Remix- Tomson & Benedict
27. Sun Is Shining: Graham Sahara Mix- Reunited
28. Tight Up: Ricky Soul Machine S-Dub Mix- Ivanka, Enrico Pannuto & 50%
29. Body Work (Up And Down): Vocal Mix- Angel Moraes
30. Hide U: Quentin Harris Remix – Sandy Rivera & Rae
31. Music In My Life: Matt Williams & Steve Price Vocal Mix- Angie Brown & Boheme
32. The Bored Hound: Original Mix- Russ Gabriel
33. Beu Ca Fe: Original Mix- Adonis
34. Count On Jazz- J Caprice
35. Cumming!: Original Mix- Joseph Disco & Gilbert Martini
46. East Village: Original Mix- Christian Smith

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